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General: CZEKN lets you see the locations of your friends and family members on a map. Please Log In or Sign Up, its free and all you need is an email address and first and last name. Your information will be kept private within CZEKN. After logging in you can create a group and then add members. They will be invited to join your group. Be sure to ask them to Sign Up here or Sign Up for them and have them change their password after they Log In. Be sure to read our Terms and Conditions. Stay connected to the people that matter to you with CZEKN.

Groups: A Group is made up of one or more CZEKN members. Group members can see each other's locations markers when viewing the map. To create a group click on "Groups" from the menu and then click "Add" from the drop down menu. Give your group a name and a description, then select from the list of available members. Click the appropriate button to put them into the selected list. Click the save button to create the group. Each person in the selected list will receive an invitation to join your group the next time they log in to CZEKN. The only one who can edit or delete this group is you, the group creator. You can add or remove members when you edit your group. Adding new members will cause an invitation message to appear for the person being added the next time they log in. Select "Invites" under the group menu to either accept an invitation or delete it. You will continue to receive invitation alerts until you either accept or delete the invitation. If you are in multiple groups you can use "Set Active" to choose which group you see when you look at the map view.

Map: If you click a location marker you will see the persons first and last name along with the date and time that marker was created. Markers are created whenever you login to CZEKN or when you click the "Update" button. Markers can be hidden by un selecting the marker checkbox from the second marker layer widget on the upper right in the map view. You can also toggle the type of map you see (street or satellite) in the map view using the first layer widget in the upper right of the map view.